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Saturday, April 23, 2011

Dorrough vs. DEA

In early Febuary when Dorrough's house was raided by the DEA he had no idea why. Later he found out that the DEA had been watching him for a year due to suspicion of drug trafficking, he was falsely accused. While reading the affidavit Dorrough found out that many accomplices (SNITCHES) and undercover police gave the DEA this lead, but he knew none of them. Dorrough has spoken out on the event that took place and wasn't to happy that the "hip hop police" had just bum rushed their way into his privacy. This could effect his reputation but even more so his career, so lets just see how he bounces back in june with his upcoming mixtape hosted by DJ Drama.

"Im not going to tell you again. Stay the hell away from my woman!"

Last this week during Coachella Kanye West and Wiz Khalifa exchanged words over the fact that Kanye switched up the lyrics to a song directing them towards Amber Rose. No punches were thrown just arguing and shoving until security could split the two and their entourage. All of this over Amber SMH didn’t Wiz learn from Snoop in 94? ” We don’t love them hoes!” 
Other then the confrontation many people believe for that performance by Kanye to be one of his best performances since the passing of his mother.

Friday, April 22, 2011

6months2fame: The Carter 4

6months2fame: The Carter 4: "Although Weezy is saying May 16th, it's said it's pushed back to June."